Canine Games

Canine Games 

Project Name: Hymble Ventures

Player Type: Single Player

Team Website:

Target Platform: Desktops / Laptops

Twitter: @CanineGamesUK

Local Hub: Tranzfuser Virtual Hub

Canine Games are a remote-working studio based in Oxfordshire. We want to create fun, action-packed games together and can’t wait to start Tranzfuser, so we have the experience in working with industry professionals and peers.

This will give us insight into what each of us want to do in the games industry. Also, we get the luxury of creative freedom and control over our own project, which will be exciting.

About the project

Hymble Ventures is a 3D collectathon, action-adventure platformer for the PC. It’s about a neurodiverse young bug and their pet droid who go exploring stylised environments, collecting body part shaped fruit, discovering quirky creatures, and learning new skills with photographic memory. However, watch Hymble’s autistic brain as it gets sensory overloaded.

Hymble Ventures is inspired by Crash Bandicoot and Spyro the Dragon, and aims to bring something fresh to the platform genre. The game will appeal to nostalgic gamers who enjoyed 90’s platformers, young children who like colourful and adorable characters, and neurodiverse players who much need positive representation.


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I was inspired by former Tranzfuser participants who continue to develop charming games and a large community. So the Tranzfuser programme seemed like a great resource in helping me start my own indie dev business and have control over games projects I am passionate about. I’ve always had a strong vision for particular games I want to develop. On this programme, I hope to flourish as a team leader, gain confidence in public speaking, and build great relationships with my team members and networks. Also, the support I’ll get towards managing my studio will be a fantastic opportunity.
Project Lead