Alumni Year 2022 Team

Serena Green – Lasagna Games

"My dream is to have my own game studio, but I thought this would be a far off goal, Tranzfuser gave me the confidence and resources to make my dream a reality."

Luke Mills – Dink

"The Tranzfuser programme was an invaluable learning experience and helped the entire team take their first steps towards a career in the game development industry"

Scott Dickens: Skyline Studios Games

"A chance to experience what its like to be a start up games studio in the UK, we knew it would be tough but nothing worth achieving in life is easy so we just wanted to seize the moment and just really give it our all."

Harris Debenham: Kaleidoscope Games

"Tranzfuser gave us a brilliant foot in the door of the games industry, and offered loads of incredibly helpful support both in starting a studio, and introducing all of the teams to what being an indie developer means"