Global Game Jam: Diversifier Announcement

Celebrating the Best from Britain!

Tranzfuser is delighted to partner with the Global Game Jam organisers in this year’s event, sponsoring the ‘Best from Britain’ Diversifier. UK-based teams and developers are invited to submit their game using the Tranzfuser-sponsored diversifier. 

Teams are welcome to make use of a range of diversifiers should they be so inclined, and we’d like to invite any and all UK-based participants with an interest in commercial game development that may fit the Tranzfuser graduate criteria to submit using the ‘Best from Britain’ Diversifier.

Deborah Farley, Head of Tranzfuser, said:

“Now in our seventh year of operation, we’re thrilled to be working with the Global Game Jam event in the promotion of the Tranzfuser competition. We’re looking for UK-based game devs that wish to celebrate the great game dev talent that has come out of the UK since the evolution of video game development. We’re not here to be too prescriptive – be as creative as you can be!

“Teams that work on games that are submitted using the Diversifier will be invited along to an exclusive information sharing event. With full details about Tranzfuser 2022 to come soon, this is an exciting opportunity for entrepreneurial UK-based game devs to get ahead in their journey to commercial longevity as a creative studio.”

From the 65 UK-based GGJ sites, there are a dozen Local Hubs and friends of Tranzfuser acting as hosts for teams taking part.

For more information about the Global Game Jam, visit