Global Game Jam: UKGTF Diversifier

The Best from Britain

Welcome to the UKGTF GGL 2022 Diversifier Page!

This year, we’re delighted to sponsor a Global Game Jam Diversifier for UK-based teams only: “The Best from Britain”.

Participating teams should provide content that pays homage to / captures the spirit of / shows influence from a UK games IP or a UK games developer / studio. We’d be delighted to see any game of your choosing that showcases exceptional talent from the UK. Whether it’s a worldwide famous AAA title or an iconic indie game, we want to join you in celebration of all that is great about Britain’s game dev heritage.

You should only use this Diversifier if the entire team is based in the UK

Outcome of Diversifier
Those who take part and submit a game with this Diversifier will invited to join an exclusive post-Global Game Jam online event where the Tranzfuser HQ team will share unique insights into this year’s competition.

For those eligible to apply to Tranzfuser this will provide you with the opportunity to hear information first-hand from our team and ask us questions.

So, you’re thinking Tranzfuser 2022 is for you. Why take part in the Global Game Jam too?

There are many, many benefits to taking part in games jams.

  • They provide the opportunity for teams to carry out rapid prototyping of game ideas before deciding and committing on the final game they wish to take on into full commercial development.
  • Teams get to know more about the game production pipeline and learn valuable lessons about scope, capacity and managing resources.
  • They provide individuals with the opportunity to meet different teams and network within new communities, hopefully finding friends and colleagues for life.
  • Game jams are a space for pure creative and inspirational thinking.
  • Game jams may be short, but they can often provide as close to a real world experience of shipping a game than anything else. With a clear deadline to meet, teams get a taste of what life as a commercial game dev may well be like…while still having fun!

UKGTF Diversifier Intro

Hear directly from the UKGTF team about what the GGJ 2022 UKGTF Diversifier is!

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