Celebrating the Best from Britain with the Global Game Jam

GGJ Diversifier a hit with game devs

An impressive total of 55 teams submitted games using the Tranzfuser sponsored Global Game Jam diversifier, The Best from Britain. Having been given a theme for the game jam (Duality) the teams had no constraints over what they could create, but using our diversifier they all hugely impressed on us how creative and talented they all are.

The teams went to work over 20th – 30th January in development; submissions ranged from murder mystery narrative driven games to continuous runner platformers. The breadth of talent and ingenuity presented in the games that were submitted was hugely impressive and we’re eagerly awaiting applications to the Tranzfuser competition from the eligible teams!

We’ve put together this short showreel sharing highlights from the playable submissions.

All UK-based teams that submitted their game using our diversifier have been invited to an exclusive online event, giving them unique access to the Tranzfuser HQ team.