Games Biz Academy Bootcamp Success

The Tranzfuser Enterprise Pathway is now well underway, with 17 teams of talented graduates right across the UK busy at work on their project.

To kick things off, the entrepreneurial teams took part in our first ever online Games Biz Academy Bootcamp week. Over 5 days, the teams heard from a host of varied and diverse industry experts (and those who have been through the Tranzfuser competition!), each offering their own unique guidance and sage advice on how the teams can best approach the weeks and months ahead.

From successful indie publishers such as No More Robots, to newly acquired and quickly growing indie studios such as the UK Games Fund portfolio company Silent Games, the teams benefitted from the now-normal online event interface with pre-recorded content on offer for them to access at a suitable time through the week.

Not only that, each day focused on one core pillar of indie game development – and practical tools that the teams can and should apply during their time on the competition.

From scope to budgeting, pitching to business management, the teams were privy to some of the most impressive insights into the successful running of an indie dev studio the industry could offer.

Deborah Farley, Head of Tranzfuser, ran the Bootcamp week.

Securing the likes of speakers from MediaTonic and Steel Media, she said:

“The Enterprise Teams, while they might not realise it, have perhaps had the best start to any year of Tranzfuser that we have worked on. The current working situation is undoubtedly challenging, but making the most of where we are is what makes this industry the success it is.

“Never before have we been able to secure such lucrative sector insight in this way; this week has set our teams up for what will surely be the best year of Tranzfuser yet.”

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