Moss Monkey

Moss Monkey

Project Name: OUTCLAW

Player Type: Single player

Target Platform: Desktop

Twitter: @mossmonkeygames

Local Hub: Tranzfuser Virtual Hub

Moss Monkey is a group of eight people based in Norwich trying to carve out a place for themselves in the world, and making a game based on that journey. Initially, the company started from a shared desire to create a working environment more healthy and sustainable than a lot of what is seen in the current games industry. We seek to create a place to work and grow, both as a person and a professional, all the while telling engaging and immersive stories representative of real world issues.

Our debut title OUTCLAW seeks to capture all these feelings and wrap them up in an entertaining package full of gods, monsters, minions and mayhem.

About the project

OUTCLAW is a third person action adventure with the unique mechanic of commanding an army of minions to do your bidding.

Aiming for a PC release in Q4 of 2025, OUTCLAW is intended to be the start of a longstanding IP aimed at 15-25 year olds. We intend to create a world full of characters and stories that people love, which we can work on through sequels, merchandise and DLC far into the future. This game is for misfits, wanderers, and anyone who tends to go against the grain.

Play as Giblet, a mischievous feline god betrayed by his pantheon. Dash between domains of the various deities that abandoned you, pulling souls from the environment around you to form an army that can challenge the very gods themselves.


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Moss Monkey was started as our final project at university. Through this project, we have learnt so much and realised that we absolutely love working together. We have produced some incredible work, and don’t want to stop. As we move forward creating a professional enterprise, Transfuzer is an excellent stepping stone out into the wider industry which will help us bridge the gap from student to professional.
Project Lead