Hunters Moon Games

Hunters Moon Games 

Project Name: Dreaded Wunder

Player Type: Single player

Target Platform: Desktop

Twitter: @H_Moon_Games

Local Hub: Tranzfuser Virtual Hub

Hunters Moon Games is a team of four graduates from Norwich University of the Arts, hoping to tell stories and giving players the opportunity to experience the world they think they knew through our games.

We have grown very close over the course of our final year at university and as a result enjoy working together, causing chaos, and sharing our interests. We all as individuals enjoy a wide range of genres and the stories told within them. Horror for example is one which all of us enjoy watching or playing and so we now want to try to reintroduce fear back into the genre with Dreaded Wunder.

We know that Tranzfuser is going to be a great starting point that will allow us to enter the industry with sufficient knowledge to promote not only our project, but ourselves as a team.

About the project

Dreaded Wunder is a psychological horror game taking place in the City of Norwich, and inspirations from East Anglia’s local myths and legends such as the Black Shuck, Grey Ladies and the Lantern Men. Along side a story that will introduce elements of Eldritch horror to the wonderful cityscape and send shivers down the spines of anyone willing to partake.

Our game is made for those who range from the age of 16 and above who love the horror genre and who particularly enjoy the true dread and helplessness of older games within the genre, as we are taking inspiration from the likes of Outlast, Alien: Isolation, Fatal Frame and Amnesia to produce an experience that we believe fills a gap in the current market. We aim to release this chilling tale to steam and PC users first with plans to potentially port it to VR in future!


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I firmly believe that applying to Tranzfuser was a good opportunity of us to give us the support we need before entering the games industry as an game studio. While we have in a sense been acting as one since the start of the year, Tranzfuser can supply us with the guidance we need to get from where we are now to where we want to be. Which for us at Hunters Moon Games is a successful and sustainable studio with connections to other studio's and educational institutions, to build a network of support and become an incubator studio working with those connections to help give students a way to get the experience needed to enter the industry. While this is a far reaching goal, I am certain that Tranzfuser is the best place to begin that journey and gives us a great chance of achieving that goal.
Project Lead