Project Name: BloodBound

Player Type: Single player

Target Platform: Desktop

Twitter: @Haemogoblins_

Local Hub: ACM Games Academy London

We are the Haemogoblins! A team made of 2 artists, 1 game designer and 1 programmer from ACM Games Academy London. We have worked on various projects together during our studies, and we wanted to work together with our established teamwork to work on our largest and most exciting project yet with the help of Tranzfuser’s resources and mentorship. We want to use the perfect opportunity provided through the Tranzfuser competition to bring ourselves into the industry with the necessary experience of marketing to ensure that players can enjoy our games as much as we do.

About the project

BloodBound is a 2D-Pixel art top-down roguelite for Desktops/Laptops where bloodshed is used to the player’s advantage, no matter who or what bleeds. This procedurally-generated adventure presents a challenging and thrilling experience for players to hack and slash their way through.

Whenever the player slices through enemies, their foes spill blood, forming a blood puddle on the ground. Coming into contact with a blood puddle unlocks sanguinary blood-bending abilities, granting the player a loadout of devastating spells. Players are encouraged to let loose, tapping into their dormant aggressive, tactical and risky nature to maximise the potential of their power, even if it means taking a few gashes themselves to utilise their own blood.


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BloodBound has been on the drawing board for 3 years during our studies of Games Development. We wanted to apply to Tranzfuser as an opportunity to truly bring this idea we're passionate about to life, marking an exceptionally important milestone for our careers as we enter the industry.

By being granted the exclusive resources and support from Tranzfuser, we can learn the necessary skills of teamwork, organisation, marketing and much more to help bring ourselves to the industry standard. As a team, the possibility of creating our own studio is very exciting and means that we would be given an opportunity to explore many more avenues relating to making future passion projects possible.

Project Lead