Fully Human Games

Fully Human Games

Project Name: Landship

Player Type: Single player

Target Platform: Desktop

Twitter: @FullyHumanGames

Local Hub: ACM Games Academy Guilford

Fully Human Games are all alumni of ACM Guildford and we are George, Emilis, Jack, Josh, Matthew and Scott. We are passionate about game development and about people enjoying our games. We have worked together on many previous projects and therefore work well together. We are a mixture of Artists, Programmers and Designers and we all specialise in different key aspects. Our core goal is to deliver a worthwhile game and to continue to develop our studio with future endeavours.

About the project

Landship is a first person atmospheric simulation horror game with a focus on a realistic art style heavily inspired by WW1 iconography. In the game players will fill the shoes of a tank driver who must utilise a map and compass, radio, cannon, machine gun and the tank itself to traverse a desolate landscape which has been ravaged by unique and unnerving creatures.

Landship simultaneously offers a unique mix of claustrophobia (as the player is trapped within a cold metallic box) and agoraphobia (as they are exposed in an open landscape), leading to the player never feeling truly safe. Gameplay takes inspiration from games such as Iron lung and Pacific Drive whilst offering a unique spin which plays into a gap in the market.


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The Team and I applied to Tranzfuser for the many wonderful opportunities that the program provides. The regular dialogues with the Tranzfuser Team and other alumni can greatly help us to meet important deadlines and to help us consolidate our project scope.

In addition, there are several major events that we have the opportunity to get involved with thanks to the Tranzfuser Program, such as having a stand at EGX London where we will be able to talk directly to the public and receive vital feedback from them about the experience we are demoing.

Another is the amazing opportunity to practise pitch our game to industry professionals and receive their invaluable feedback, allowing us to improve our business skills and helping us to improve our studio. In short, Tranzfuser will greatly help to push the studio further.

Project Lead