Flag House Studios

Flag House Studios

Project Name: Space Taxi

Player Type: Single player

Target Platform: Desktop

Twitter: @FlagHouseGames

Local Hub: ACM Games Academy Birmingham

We are an indie game development team from Birmingham, united by a shared passion for creating unique and engaging gaming experiences. Our diverse skills in art, design, and programming complement each other, allowing us to collaborate effectively and bring innovative ideas to life.

We chose to work together because we believe in the potential of our game, “Space Taxi,” and in each other’s abilities to enhance and refine the project. Participating in Tranzfuser provides us with the opportunity to gain valuable industry exposure, receive constructive feedback, and secure funding to accelerate our development process. We aim to demonstrate the creative talent within Birmingham’s game development community and establish our presence in the indie game scene. Winning Tranzfuser would be a significant milestone, enabling us to fully realise our vision for “Space Taxi” and bring it to a wider audience.

About the project

“Space Taxi” is an innovative game that blends the strategic depth loosely inspired by a combination of “Papers, Please” and “Crazy Taxi.” Players navigate a spaceship, dodging asteroids, and managing limited resources while rescuing alien refugees through galaxies. Each decision impacts gameplay; choosing the right passengers and landing on suitable planets are crucial for survival and profit.

The game’s unique mechanics challenge players to balance risk and reward, making moral choices that affect the outcome. Designed for PC and consoles, Space Taxi targets gamers who appreciate engaging narratives, strategic resource management, and thrilling action. With a diverse team of developers, we aim to deliver an experience that stands out in the indie game scene. Winning Tranzfuser would provide the resources to bring our vision to life, showcasing Birmingham’s indie game development community.


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We applied to Tranzfuser because we see it as a pivotal opportunity to showcase our collective talent and creativity. As a team from Birmingham, we are eager to highlight the vibrant game development community within our city.

Tranzfuser provides us with a platform to gain invaluable industry exposure and feedback, which are crucial for our growth as developers. The competition's resources and support can significantly enhance our collaborative efforts, allowing us to refine our skills and work more efficiently.

Winning Tranzfuser would not only validate our hard work but also empower us to take our indie game studio to the next level and provide us a sustainable future for our team. We are excited about the potential to bring our ideas to a broader audience and make a lasting impact in the gaming industry.

Project Lead