Bool Studios

Bool Studios 

Project Name: Boolantics

Player Type: Single player

Target Platform: Desktop

Twitter: @BoolStudios

Local Hub: Manchester Metropolitan University

Bool Studios is based in Manchester and is working on producing Boolantics. Our team consists of 6 graduates who are eager to become professional indie game developers by publishing our own game. We formed our team towards the end of our degrees in 2024 and came together as we all specialise in different areas. We hope that Tranzfuser will assist in publishing our game and connecting the team to industry professionals, so our indie company is open to further opportunities post-Tranzfuser.

About the project

Boolantics is a unique rogue-like deck builder, in which players must create logic gate circuits to break into increasingly difficult firewalls. With a 90s / early 2000s dark web aesthetic (think Windows 98 meets Anonymous), the game has players racking their brains; calculating the maximum potential out of their deck and coming up with cunning strategies to beat their highscores. Players are given access to a shop, offering consumables and upgrades for their gates. These will expand the potential outcomes of a playthrough and give players the opportunity to break out of the expected behaviours of a logic gate circuit. Here at Bool Studios, we extend the question: how far will you hack?


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I applied to Tranzfuser to get experience in professionally developing and publishing a game. Through the process, I hope that my team learns more about the games industry and the process in developing our own indie games company.

By Tranzfuser supporting our team, it will allow us to produce a more complete and popular game through its funding and showcases to industry professionals. Additionally the application process of Tranzfuser helped my team understand the planning and process in pitching a game to publishers, which I hope to utilise in presenting Boolantics at the Tranzfuser showcases.

The opportunity Tranzfuser presents, will also allow myself and the team to transition from students to Game Developers, in a supportive and professional environment.

Project Lead