BlackBox Studios

BlackBox Studios

Project Name: BoomBall Extreme

Player Type: Multiplayer

Target Platform: Desktop

Twitter: @BoomBallExtreme

Local Hub: Manchester Metropolitan University

BlackBox Studios came together creating BoomBall through Manchester Metropolitan’s Cheddar Cat module. We instantly found a passion for its growth and creation during the module, so without hesitation, we unanimously decided to bring it forward to the world stage.

Our little studio had all bases covered apart from a professional audio engineer, so our Team Leader brought in an old acquaintance to complete the team. Alongside Tranzfuser we hope to create the BoomBall we all dreamt of making and continuing its support for the foreseeable future. This opportunity is the perfect chance to bring our passion for BoomBall to couches, conventions and online play sessions around the world!

About the project

BoomBall Extreme is a chaotically exciting, fun football game created for PC and Console gamers everywhere!
This fast paced experience pits players against their friends or an AI in the ultimate 1 VS 1 game of BoomBall EXTREME! Each player controls a team of 6 unique and wacky characters each with their own abilities and play-styles to obtain the ultimate win.

The Popper, The Hopper and The Stopper are a vital force when it comes to defeating your opponent.

The Popper blows up like a bomb, flinging everything away, The Hopper fires like a rocket across the map, The Stopper expands to become an immoveable object.

Look out for Powerups which shake up every game with bonus balls and players.
In BoomBall there are no draws so every second counts and every goal matters!

Bring The Boom, Set The Score!



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Entering Tranzfuser isn't just about the competition; it's about uniting as a team, discovering the joy of collaboration, and realizing that together, you can unlock a world of opportunities and achieve extraordinary success.
Project Lead