Project Name: Shattered Sun

Player Type: Single player

Target Platform: Desktop

Twitter: @BinaricStudio

Local Hub: University of Northampton

From all over the world, Binaric met during their studies at the University of Northampton – as they were getting ready to part their separate ways, after three years of working alongside one another, and often together, they were presented with a unique opportunity by one of their lecturers: attempt to pitch one of their game jam games for funding and further development.

A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity by all accounts, the questions was – weren’t they too tired after years of arduous study? No. Luckily they were not.

As much as they had a good team, they needed to swell their ranks to compliment their strengths – luckily, more of their peers believed in the vision of bringing quality back to the market, and putting the voice of the players at the forefront of everything done. Here at Binaric, we pride ourselves in our focus on community feedback and stringent testing.

About the project

Shattered Sun is a high-octane twin-stick action roguelike, where time is your enemy. Unlike most roguelikes, a relentless countdown forces you to make split-second decisions as you conquer planets, fight massive enemy hordes, and race across a procedurally generated galaxy. Every second counts – run out of time, and your escape attempt perishes explosively. Expect the fun arcade experience of a Twin-stick shooter, combined with the exciting risks of roguelikes.


This stunning world, originally designed for PC, is created using Unity, blender, utilising open-source software where possible, for commanders of all ages, specifically players who tend to thrive under pressure; as we researched, that would be predominately males aged 22. Shattered Sun will offer huge replay-ability, players always wanting to try new run combinations and finally finish the game – then do it better, faster, and hopefully land their name on top of the leaderboards.


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We were informed of the opportunity by one of our lecturers at the University of Northampton shortly after a Tranzfuser-focused Group Project module the previous term, and a successful Game Jam, where our similarly titled Shattered Sun won Best UX. At first, we were hesitant, but when the deadline drew closer, we banded together and decided to apply, after having found additional Art, Programming and Project Management skilled members.

How could we turn down such an opportunity?

To establish our very own indie company and be able to provide quality content fuelled by community feedback has been a long-term goal of mine and I was ecstatic to jump at the opportunity - having led some of the team to success before, I cannot wait to see how their skills develop now. Tranzfuser presents an amazing opportunity for us to prove to the industry that skill and quality matter.

Project Lead