Project Name: Anima

Local Hub: InGAME

Twitter: @WallJumpersDev

Our team has been built around a group of friends with a shared mindset and most importantly, a wide spectrum of skill sets. We believe we have the capacity to cover all the main roles in a game development team. We have similar interests and tastes; this makes a strong connection in team building.The team is comprised of two programmers, a lead artist, game designer and sound composer / designer. We are graduates with experience in developing smaller games and working on side projects related to game development.

About the project

Anima is a third person, puzzle adventure game that combines exploration and creative puzzle solving.

In the game, the player will spend most of their time exploring dungeons, solving unique puzzles and collecting spirits to empower the player’s basic abilities. While most of the gameplay takes place inside dungeons, a world map could be used to help identify the locations of dungeons, treasures, secrets and side challenges.

Dungeons are divided into two sequential stages – Stage one is where the player unlocks a supernatural ability (passive or active) that can be used immediately upon collection (e.g. harness the Spirit of the Rhino to break through walls and use the Spirit of the Eagle to get a bird’s eye view of an area). Once the first stage is finished, players have the option to either progress to the second stage or depart. Stage two is optional however it rewards the player with a token. Tokens allow the player to literally summon animals into the world as companions. Direct control of these creatures grants the player direct movement of the animal and another use of the same signature ability. A token is only obtainable when the spirit’s ability is unlocked first.