Team Dwellers

Team Dwellers

Project Name: Baby Planet Go!

Player Type: Single Player

Team Website:

Target Platform: Mobile or Tablet Device

Twitter: @babyplanetgo

Local Hub: University of South Wales

Team Dwellers are a team of five students from the University of South Wales. We started as a group of peers and friends, until working on a two week game jam and finding that we work together well too! Our team has a variety of different skills and levels of experience, so we feel that Tranzfuser will provide us with the tools and knowledge we need to start the indie studio of our dreams, learning about what it truly takes to run a business and get our game out there. We can’t wait to start this journey and represent the incredible emerging talent coming out of South Wales.

About the project

Baby Planet Go is a relaxing city builder for mobile and tablet, where players design and craft their own unique islands, eventually creating their own utopic, baby planet! Unlock rare and adorable items, appease your town dwellers, and craft the planet of your dreams. Baby Planet Go’s quirky islands and assets allow players to craft their own worlds and narratives, acting as a tool of both creativity and storytelling.

Baby Planet Go is for everyone, but if you’re a young woman on the go looking for a relaxing place for self-expression, we think you’ll especially love it.


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Our team is passionate and driven, but in the tumultuous games industry, sometimes that's not enough to start a robust business. Tranzfuser will provide our team with the unique opportunity to learn what it takes to start our own successful indie studio. With varying levels of experience in game development and business skills, Team Dwellers will be able to take full advantage of the mentoring and funding provided by Tranzfuser. We believe Baby Planet Go is an innovative and fresh product in the games market, and the huge support that Tranzfuser provides will allow us to deliver it to the high standard that it deserves.
Project Lead