Sparky Cat Studios

Sparky Cat Studios

Project Name: Dune Riders

Player Type: Single Player

Team Website:

Target Platform: Desktop/Laptops

Twitter: @sparkycatstudio

Local Hub: Apply Direct

We are a team of 3 students who all attend confetti and have been friends for over 4 years. We have all collaborated on projects previously and each of us brings something different to the table. James has a good leader’s instinct and is able to plan and manage the scope of a project very well, Jess has a good eye for 2D art and a passion for business, Bobby is an excellent 3D artist who is amazing at creating different types of atmospheres in his levels.

Tranzfuser is going to enable us all to work on this project full time over the summer and for a few months after, we hope this will enable us to get our project off the ground so we can secure more investment and continue working on it full time until it is completed.

About the project

In Dune Riders the player will be able to traverse the drained ocean trenches in a high speed anti gravity racer. Our maps will not be traditional AG racetracks, they will be more open with objectives and shortcuts to discover. Whilst on a mission the players must transport goods between traders in order to make a profit. Between missions the player will be able to visit settlements and using their traded materials build them up to new trade routes and expand the map, as well upgrading and expanding their livery of ships. The residents in these settlements will offer a window into the history of the land through dialogue. 

This project will be initially released for PC with plans to bring it to consoles and handheld devices in the future.

Dune Riders will be designed for high speed thrill seekers who like to challenge themselves to achieve a new best time.


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When we found Tranzfuser it gave us the drive to start this project, we had been thinking of making our own game for a while, but we knew that once we left education none of us would have the free time to work on it as much as we wanted. With the promise of support we could comfortably plan to work on the game full time for a number of months, which should be enough to get the game to a visually pleasing state to help us secure further funding.We believe Tranzfuser is giving us the jumpstart that we need.
Project Lead