Schmoovin Studios

Schmoovin Studios

Project Name: Soulbound

Player Type: Multiplayer

Target Platform: Desktop/Laptops

Twitter: @SchmoovinStudio

Local Hub: Apply Direct

We are a team of game developer graduates who all studied Computer Games Technology at Manchester Metropolitan University. A few of us first started working on SoulBound for a group university assignment and after being delighted with the progress we made in realising the potential of this project we’re aiming to take this game even further. We believe that with our vast diversity in skillsets we will be able to build upon the foundation we’ve created and create a truly fun game bringing a unique twist on the classic 2D platforming genre. We’re excited for the future of this project as we believe Tranzfuser is an excellent opportunity to work on the game and realise it’s full potential.

About the project

SoulBound is a 2D platformer where one player control’s a ninja whose goal is to traverse through a randomly generated level whilst the other player controls a ghost who can possess and control the enemies throughout the level in order to try and defeat the ninja. Once the ninja is defeated the player’s roles are swapped and whoever travels the furthest as the ninja wins. The chaotic gameplay of this multiplayer platformer along with the fun provided from controlling and fighting player controlled enemies leads to a lot replay ability and fun assisted by the pixel art aesthetic of the game. This unique take on 2D platformers aims to be released for PC desktop computers.


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Our team applied for Tranzfuser because we believe it will be a useful and unique experience for us as game developers. We believe the knowledge, funding and experience Tranzfuser will provide for our team will prove invaluable as it will not only make us better game developers but provide us with a better overall picture of the business aspects of game development. The biggest factor for us was simply that it sounded fun, although we know it will be hard work having the opportunity to realise our vision is more than rewarding and we can't wait to get started with our Tranzfuser experience.
Project Lead