Scheme Demon

Scheme Demon

Project Name: Fallen Immortals

Local Hub: Glasgow Caledonian University

Twitter: @SchemeDemon

We are a team of six who are based in Glasgow and we have all studied at the Glasgow Caledonian University. We are all extremely passionate about both playing and developing games. This is a great chance for us to further develop our skills individually and as part of a team. All of us would love to create our own development studio and we feel like Tranzfuser is the perfect place to start, given the support that they are able to provide us. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for us to develop a game of our own choosing that we are all excited.

About the project

Fallen Immortals is a third person 3v3 ability-based multiplayer. Characters will have a range of magical abilities. This game is aimed at fans of the MOBA genre and those who want to play MOBAs but find the learning curve too harsh.

All over the world there are areas of intense magical energy. These areas include places such as volcanoes, the corpses of fallen deities, meteorite crash sites and ancient underground caverns. The factions of this world fight over these precious resources to become stronger than their rivals. This magical energy has empowered the people of this world and granted them with unique and powerful abilities.

The main game mode will be implemented with “Domination”. Players will have to fight to gain control over three magical extraction areas on the map. Whilst a team controls an area, they will begin to extract the magical energy from that zone.

Platform: PC