Kaleidoscope Games

Kaleidoscope Games

Project Name: Play Pretend

Player Type: Single Player

Target Platform: Desktop/Laptops

Twitter: @kaleidoscopetwt

Local Hub: Brunel University London

We are Kaleidoscope from Greater London, all graduating from Brunel University. We are hoping Tranzfuser will help us further our shared aim of starting an indie games studio, using it as a launching point to develop games we want to make along with advancing our own skills and workflows in designing, developing and releasing games. We work together well, each of us have a unique specialisation in different areas of development, such as technical art, numerical design and programming. Whilst we each have our own specialisations, we also share interest in other areas meaning no one person is having to work on their own on any one task.

About the project

Play Pretend is a 3D, twin stick rogue-lite in which you play as schoolchildren competing for make-believe superiority on the playground. Challenge your playmates across a variety of fantastical worlds and defeat their imaginary creatures. While competing, you’ll also need to complete a variety of children’s games to collect ‘ideas’. Modify your powers by combining ideas in a polyomino grid, supercharging your abilities with wacky combos. After school, you can interact with your classmates in the real world to collect stickers that give you powerful, permanent buffs.

Play Pretend will be released on Steam, with support for both mouse-and-keyboard and controller. Ideally, Play Pretend will also eventually release on the Nintendo Switch. Due to its playful aesthetic, Play Pretend’s target demographic includes the more casual side of the rogue-lite/like market. We will advertise to players of titles such as Hades, Celeste, and Breath of the Wild.


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We believe that Tranzfuser is an amazing opportunity for graduates that aspire to work in the games industry, and is the perfect stepping stone between university and work life, and we aim to us this opportunity to jumpstart our careers in the games industry, hopefully setting up an indie studio off of the back of it. Our passion for creating games and has been shown throughout our university course and Tranzfuser serves as an extension of that allowing us to work on a project on a larger scale than we have been able to previously, and we believe that Play Pretend is the culmination of our experience and skills we have gained throughout the course using Tranzfuser as the best platform to show off our learning and get a taste of what games development is truly like.
Project Lead