Lasagna Games

Lasagna Games

Project Name: Grapple Gal

Player Type: Single Player

Target Platform: Desktop/Laptops

Twitter: @lasagna_games

Local Hub: University of Northampton

We are all students of the University of Northampton. We worked together on a small game jam at the start of the year, but when I found out about Tranzfuser, I knew I had to get the gang together. Jack’s experience with Unity and his focus on gameplay design will allow for exciting technical detail. Lulu’s artistic vision allows for the game to have an incredible art style, and Ryan’s experience of 3D allows our asset pipeline to be smooth. And with me on design, with my previous work on this project and my passion and leadership skills, I have no doubt that team can make something excellent.

About the project

Grapple Gal is an intense 3D platformer set 50 years in the future. Designed with controllers in mind. you play as Bullet, an augmented human with a grappling hook as an arm. Using this, you build speed and swing through several exciting locations. The focus is on momentum, using speed as a reward for excellent gameplay. Fans of platformers will love this.


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When I saw Tranzfuser at WASD, I instantly knew it was something I wanted to do. This allows all of us to work in a professional landscape post university, giving us experience for working in the wider games industry. This also allows me to put my project management skills to the test and start working on my dream project with a team of passionate people, potentially launching a future as an indie developer. This opportunity was too good to let slip by and I am forever grateful for this opportunity.
Project Lead