Jawbyte Games

Jawbyte Games

Project Name: Launch-Test

Player Type: Single Player

Target Platform: Desktop/Laptops

Twitter: @JawbyteGames

Local Hub: Staffordshire University

Jawbyte is made up of 3 graduates who met each other at university. We were impressed by each other’s work and work ethic and thought together we could probably produce something really cool!

About the project

Launch-Test is a physics-based casual 3rd-person shooter where the player plays as the projectile.

Inspired by games such as ‘Flappy bird’, ‘Angry Bird’ and ‘Toss The Turtle’, the player controls a missile within a series of simulations to destroy a target.


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The formation of Jawbyte is an excuse for a group of friends who respect each other's skills. To work together and produce something fun and enjoyable that we can be proud of.
Project Lead