Idiom Creations

Idiom Creations

Project Name: Recollection

Player Type: Single Player

Target Platform: Desktop/Laptops

Twitter: @IdiomStudios

Local Hub: Apply Direct

We are a passionate group of four soon-to-be university graduates that are aiming to connect engaging gameplay with informative storytelling in order to create a compelling experience. We have worked together on projects for over two years and believe that we motivate one another to work harder and also provide help to each other when it is needed. We prioritise our mental health during development as we believe that we work best when using sprint methods to ensure that we do not crunch whilst developing the best possible outcome for the deadline.

About the project

Recollection is a first-person exploration puzzle game that asks the player to inhabit Will Greene as he is tasked with locating the answers to his wife’s missing anniversary present. Whilst exploring, they will solve password-protected puzzles which lets the player learn more about their character’s past.

Traverse through memories within the isolated character and study of the main character. Locate key information that triggers certain memories in order to obtain and remember key phrases that can aid you in solving your security questions. Log in to your computer so that you may finally be able to track your order, or perhaps find out why it has not arrived yet. As the player progresses they will come to the realisation of the reason behind Will’s mysterious predicament.


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We are a multicultural team that have developed games through a simulated game development environment embedded within our university course work structure. We're working together for this project as we have established chemistry throughout the years and feel confident with all of our individual achievements. Tranzfuser is the connecting tissue needed for our team to help transition from making projects during our University days to crafting fully fledged compelling experiences with hard hitting messages for players all around the world. We hope to establish ourselves within the industry and successfully create a game studio that values the players' time investment.
Project Lead