Coffee Bean Interactive

Coffee Bean Interactive

Project Name: Helix

Local Hub: Manchester Metropolitan University

Twitter: @CoffeeBeanInt

Our team is comprised of three coders, one character artist, one level designer, and a sound engineer. The project manager is Italian and the sound engineer is Indian while the rest of the team is from the UK. We have come together to create a new and exciting game with unique mechanics in the hope to create and further develop our company, Coffee Bean Interactive. Tranzfuser brought this team together and we know it will further help us to achieve great things.

About the project

Helix is a low poly, fast-paced first-person shooter that heavily relies on its unique core mechanic which is the dynamic use of skills. During a game a player will be able to choose between a variety of sense-based skills to purchase, enabling them to build a unique set of abilities that will aid them in various ways during a match. Every player starts with the same ability options but will then be restricted to purchasing others once they have chosen a specific path. Once a player unlocks more powerful abilities they will have to deal with greater downsides related to the chosen unlocks, thus balancing more easily the gap that might form between less-skilled players.

Helix will be developed for the PC and mostly aimed towards young adults who enjoy FPSs.