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Project Name: Kingdom Run VR

Player Type: Single Player

Team Website:

Target Platform: Room Scale VR

Twitter: @AlarmingLadder

Local Hub:University of Suffolk

Alarming Ladder Studios is formed by game lovers and game making enthusiasts. Previously working together in game jams and game competitions, we have built a common love for the projects we work on and an inspiration to create a project to display proudly as our debut game. 

Located in the Midlands, Essex, and Suffolk we have all worked hard over the last couple of years at the University of Suffolk with the goal of creating our own indie company. We hope that from Tranzfuser we are able to continue working on projects we love and focus on creating a new Suffolk based development studio.

About the project

Navigate trap-filled tombs like a cinematic adventurer. Slice enemies and collect an array of gems while avoiding a grim ending. 

Kingdom Run VR is an action-adventure runner aiming to help you exercise while collecting lost gems. A room scale VR experience, Kingdom Run VR requires full body movement to dodge a wide variety of traps. 

Including a story mode with an increasing difficulty challenging the player across 4 themed tombs: prehistoric, Egyptian, yagura and Aztec. With challenges in each level to help fill your office with all the idols needed to prove you are the best adventurer. Or turn the difficulty up in endless mode. A fully customizable experience with different difficulties, modifiers and cosmetic options unlocked by spending your collected gems.

Whether you are looking to burn some calories or want to prove you are the best virtual adventurer, try Kingdom Run VR when it launches on VR platforms!


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Working previously in game jams I knew that we had the ethic and drive to create projects we care about but were missing the opportunity to focus on them. Tranzfuser gives the team the opportunity to develop Kingdom Run VR into a viable product. Tranzfuser also allows us to interact with the industry to learn more about the challenges ahead launching our own development studio and giving us the knowledge needed to combat said challenges. We hope that Alarming Ladder Studios becomes a go-to destination for game developers in Suffolk looking for exciting new concepts in immersive technology and the world of game development.
Project Lead