DunDev: Week 1

DunDev Kicks off the New Year in Style!

Four past Tranzfuser studios make their mark in a busy first week at DunDev.

Knockback Games, Dragon Scale Studios, Skyline Studios and Dink have embraced all that the opportunity of DunDev, our month-long residential project in Scotland’s City of Design, brings; each team member has shown up with enthusiasm, a passion for innovation and a keen willingness for entrepreneurial growth.

As the studios have settled in to their new (temporary) home, week one gives the indie studios the opportunity to set their stalls for the month ahead. With bespoke consultancy from the likes of Ant Workshop and Ice Beam Games – both coming from the UK Games Fund portfolio of funded companies – the studios have had the chance to learn from industry experts as they put their plans into action during hands-on development.

The UK Games Fund team have welcomed the studios to Dundee, providing advice and guidance too on how best they may want to consider not only project progression but business development and sustainability planning.

With each coming week remaining of DunDev, the studios will continue to be presented with unique opportunities to benefit from the residential experience. There is still so much more to come!