NOW CLOSED. The following information is supplied for reference only. Teams selected for support from the UK Games Fund have now been announced.

Who should apply?

For the Entrepreneurs; you’re passionate about games development but you also want to set yourselves up as a financially sustainable indie development studio. 

As part of a group of like-minded colleagues, you’re a confident team that can use your experiences from university to turn your prototype idea into a commercial business.

Applicants are skilled developers, but need support in the business development side of setting up a studio; taking a game to market, community building, industry networking and development of pitching skills are just a few of the key tenets to the Tranzfuser Enterprise experience. 

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Expected deliverables

Team Criteria

  • Team size 4-6 team members
  • All team members must be able to commit to full time work on their prototype during the programme (approx. 35 hrs per week). We have found that teams who are unable to commit this time during the programme are unable to deliver to the quality and standard as teams who work full time and so are immediately at a disadvantage when it comes to submitting final deliverables
  • Have graduated between June 2019 – September 2021
  • Can work remotely or be represented by a Local Hub

Game IDea

  • The game idea can be completely new or have been worked on previously

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Download the Enterprise Pathway Factsheet

What do teams get out of it?

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Application Process

Teams should apply via their closest Local Hub application form. If their team is dispersed or not represented by a region then they are requested to complete the Dispersed Team Application form.

The application is comprised of two main parts:

  1. Written Application Form
  2. Pitch Video of max 2 mins duration

Selection Criteria

All details relating to the criteria for the selection of teams can be found on this page. 

now closed

Apply now

apply now

Applicants are invited to apply to their Local Hub to take part in the Enterprise Pathway. If a suitable Local Hub cannot be found, or if you know of one that is not listed, there are options to apply directly or nominate a Local Hub.

Visit the Local Hubs page for all application options.

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Incomplete team?

New to Tranzfuser 2021 we’re offering potential applicants the opportunity to recruit or be recruited to complete a team.

Over on the Teams Board page of this site, you can sign up to post vacancies within your team or detail your skills if you’re looking for a team.

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