DunDev Wraps Up!

DunDev 2024 Wraps Up!

The final weeks of the hot housing residential project have seen intense acitvity for the teams.

The second half of DunDev has seen a focus on commercialisation and funding-readiness for the teams.

Each studio has had one-to-one expert adviser sessions with leading industry figures to discuss their planned route to market, funding options and what investors/publishers are looking for from indie game devs.

The teams had the unrivalled opportunity to speak directly with publishers from across the UK; Firestoke Games spent time with each studio on a one-to-one basis while a select audience of publishers attended a virtual pitching session.

With the final week of DunDev culminating in the open public showcase, the studios have had the opportunity to stress-test their projects with the esteemed games dev veterans of Dundee. 

The event at Dundee’s McManus Galleries saw those who’ve supported and engaged with the DunDev teams over the course of January come along to see their projects in action. It was a fantastic opportunity for the studios to showcase just how far they’ve come in such a short space of time.

The studios will find out in due course whether they have received funding for the continued commercial development of their games going forwards from the UK Games Fund. Regardless of the outcome, they should all be incredibly proud of their time at DunDev.

Going forwards, each studio now has the opportunity to make the most of the contacts they’ve built up within the world of publishing and investment, building upon the unique experiences from DunDev.