Tranzfuser at EGX

Showcasing for Success

The 21 Tranzfuser teams showcased the games they’ve spent the summer working hard on as indie dev studios at the EGX show in London.

With thousands of game-playing attendees, as well as industry professionals (including publishers, platform holders, investors and other developers), the Tranzfuser teams had the invaluable opportunity to network and learn from real-time play testing over the course of the four-day show.

Attendees queued to get time on the stand, having the chance to play the variety of games as well as speak directly with the developers.

The teams were challenged not only to engage with the show attendees over the four days – they also had the opportunity to pitch to the UK Games Fund panel for the potential to secure grant support of up to £20,000 for the continued development of their games as professional independent video games development studios.

An announcement about the funded companies coming out of Tranzfuser 2022 will be made soon.