Tranzfuser: Meet the Teams

Tranzfuser 2022: Teams Announced

This year there was a huge surge in applications to the programme, with the quality bar yet again raised by innovative and creative graduate teams of developers. The Tranzfuser review panel selected 22 teams, based at Local Hubs right across the UK.

The competition sees a cohort of 22 graduate game development teams enrolling on the summer-long programme of entrepreneurship development, with budget allocation along side hard deadlines – all designed to replicate as close as possible the ‘real world’ experiences of running an independent studio.

Each year since Tranzfuser launched in 2016 we have seen entrepreneurial collaboration across our network flourish and adapt to the growing market. This year, applications ranged from VR projects exploring innovative gameplay, to retro metroidvania PC games.

Tranzfuser 2022 will see the teams invited to participate in various online and in-person events, taking the best learning from the past few years and applying it to the way of working of today. Throughout the summer-long programme, the teams will have access to mentors from the indie game dev sector as well as a structured roster of learning to participate in. Taking the approach of giving the teams the freedom to explore their projects as well as their team dynamic whilst retaining a framework to the programme has proven to be highly effective over the years.

Deborah Farley, Head of Talent and Outreach, said:

“Whittling the applications down to the 22 teams selected was no easy task; the talent, passion and ingenuity displayed in all applications received is to be highly commended and should be celebrated as sign of things to come for the UK-wide sector. As ever, we’re delighted to be partnering with our network of Local Hubs as they each offer their base of teams unique tailored support.”

The teams selected to take part in Tranzfuser 2022 are:

“We are looking forward to transitioning from a University team working on a project to a long term financially sustainable company in our own right. Tranzfuser gives us the tools and platform to make this transition. It will aid our confidence in pitching our game ideas going forward and give us valuable industry knowledge.”

First Horizon Team Leader.

As with every year of the competition, the teams will be invited to participate in a consumer-facing showcase towards the end of the programme with the further opportunity to pitch for further funding support from the UK Games Fund.

Last year’s winners Solar Flare London, Meteorite Media and Episod Studios all recently exhibited at WASD.

For more information about this year’s teams, including details of their games, go to the Teams page. We’ll share progress from the competition over the coming weeks. 

Watch this space!