Tranzfuser team secures publisher deal

Tranzfuser team secures publishing deal

Bellular Studios (formerly Coffee Box Games) recently announced the upcoming launch of their game The Pale Beyond in partnership with Fellow Traveller.

The team took part in Tranzfuser 2019 with their game How to Kill Monsters. Whilst that project has been parked for the moment, the studio took their experience from the competition to work on their flesh out their next project,  The Pale Beyond.

Deborah Farley, Head of Tranzfuser, said:

“Bellular Studios’ determined commitment to the success of the company is testament to their work ethic; the studio has evolved and learned from experiences to successfully reach this stage. Partnering with Fellow Traveller on the launch of The Pale Beyond is the result of hard work and creative endeavours over time.

Their time in Tranzfuser will have helped lay the foundations for the company, but it is the passion and resilience of the team that has got them to where they are today. We look forward to getting our hands on the game soon!”

In this short introductory video with Bellular Studios, the team talk about how the game came to be and what their journey as a studio up until now has been like.

Speaking about the team’s time as part of Tranzfuser, Creative Director Thomas Hislop said:

“Tranzfuser gave us the room to build a foundational set of skills and shared experiences as a team, which we were able to carry beyond into future projects. It also allowed us to reach beyond our local development scene and build lasting connections with other developers and industry contacts.”

About The Pale Beyond

Five years ago, The Viscount and its crew set sail into The Pale Passage in search of absolute magnetic South. The ship and its crew were tragically lost to the ice, never to be seen again. Her sister ship, The Temperance shall follow in her path, hoping to find answers where The Viscount failed.

You didn’t ask to lead this expedition but here you are: stuck in the ice, Captain missing, miles from civilization and everyone looking for you to lead. Manage your meager resources, balance safety and morale, make the hard calls and head in the only direction you can – into The Pale Beyond.