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Each year a number of Local Hubs across the UK will be selected, through a simple process, to meet the UK Games Talent and Finance (CIC) accreditation for support to ensure consistency of experience for participants.

Local Hubs provide an inspirational central space and focal point for Tranzfuser teams to locate in or meet periodically whilst working elsewhere; providing a dynamic learning environment that cultivates this diverse community, acting as a hot house for innovative games IP development and resulting in high level of achievement over a short period of time.

Local Hubs should be able to provide:


  • Working space for the teams to be base at for the 10 weeks


  • Meeting space for the teams to use regularly as a central point to meet with mentors / show and tell events / other Tranzfuser events

Support during the competition

Levels and types of support will differ from region to region depending on resource availability; support could be in the form of mentors in a specific field, input from industry experts or daily / weekly input from Local Hub co-ordinators.

It should be noted that Local Hubs are participating in Tranzfuser voluntarily.