Alumni Year 2016 Team

Pod O’Donnell – Red Spear

"To us as soon as we heard about the scheme we were sold. Obtaining funding to embark on the start to finish development of a game with full creative control? That’s an opportunity not many have and many would kill for.I’m just thankful that we had this opportunity, it was instrumental in my quest to enter the game’s industry and I know anyone else who applies and is accepted will be able to say the same."

Brad Smith – Miracle Tea

"Tranzfuser gave me a shortcut to a certain level of confidence and growth that I never knew I had. As a result of that growth, I’ve been asked to mentor students at my local university, be a judge for game jams in my community and asked to speak at conferences overseas."

Adam Boyne – BetaJester

"Tranzfuser gave us the step up to move from early days start-up to functioning games company. The connections we made during the Tranzfuser window have helped us to grow into the sustainable company we are today. It taught us the value of time when it comes to short-term development, gave us pitching and networking skills that have helped in all aspects of our careers, and gave us a better idea of what we are able to accomplish when we set our minds to it."