Alumni Year 2023 Team

Luke Maloney – Dragon Scale Studios

"Going into the competition, I used to think that 'the game is everything'. However, you will quickly learn that the game is only 50% of the project, and the studio and team make up the other half."

Usman Tarafdar- Knockback Games

"Tranzfuser allows recent graduates to gain industry experience from professionals, whilst also being in a collaborative environment with other graduate teams in a similar position as you."

Hanwen Zhuang- Carnivore

"Tranzfuser is the one of the most competitive competitions for the young talent in game industry and it can offer a valuable experience"

Elliot Jermy – Zeta Games

"Starting our own indie game studio was always a goal of ours and Tranzfuser was the perfect opportunity to turn our small game into a commercial project."