OctoHook Studios

Project Name: PaperCart

Local Hub: University of Plymouth

Twitter: @OctoHookStudios

We are a small team of artists and programmers from south west Cornwall who have worked together for a few years on various projects in scale and complexity with some being successful and others not so much. We all know our strengths and weaknesses very well and have learned a lot about game development through our past experiences and hope that Tranzfuser will bring our next project to the next level and kickstart our career as game developers.

About the project

Our project is a local and online multiplayer arcade style racing game in a paper craft art style designed for PC. It will feature lots of tiny vehicles to choose from as well as cosmetics unlocked through playing and winning races. The project will also feature large scale environments with an adaptive and destructive environmental hazard mechanic which can be controlled directly by players to either assist them in winning or to disrupt other players.