LFM: Generalist Programmer

Team: Elderado
Looking to: Add to our team
Primary Skillset: Generalist Programmer
Other Skills: Unity
Comments: Picture this - 24th of December peak lockdown. Me and my father trying to buy groceries formy grandmother. I stay in the car. He goes in and doesn't come out. I wait in the car for hours, goinside, ask around, and find out someone was arrested. I walk home as I don't have keys for the car. Only for my father to arrive. At home the next day, telling me he was arrested while shopping. He was arrested for resisting arrest and now had to defend himself from the state. After a short trial, the police dropped all charges. Now, take thatstory, I was 21 my father 47. Imagine if I was younger or he was younger. How would you deal with the complexities of that situation? Black and brown kids around the country must deal with this kind of persecution yet are woefully unequipped to. Unfortunately bias in policing often results in black and brown kids being ‘adultified’ and persecuted. To remedy this, we plan to create an immersive VR experience, focused on de-escalating, a high- octane police situations, for 12–21-year-olds. It will be a bespoke VR experience using a mixture of narrative psychology, game design and teaching principles


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