LFM: Game Designer, Gameplay Programmer, Audio Programmer

Team: TBC
Looking to: Add to our team
Primary Skillset: Game Designer, Gameplay Programmer, Audio Programmer
Other Skills: Unity
Comments: Do you want to develop an app that makes sight-singing and aural skills fun and easy to learn? Sight-singing and aural skills are some of the hardest, most boring, and frustrating things to learn for a musician. We are developing an app designed to teach these skills through a series of fun, voice-controlled minigames. We found a definite gap on the market and already have 150+ people subscribed to our mailing list, consisting largely of educators, choral directors, and conductors interested in using the app for their groups. For more info on the app, market research, or business plan, feel free to contact me! We're looking for: 1x Gameplay Programmer with experience in Unity and some musical experience 1x Audio Programmer with experience in (or interest in learning) Digital Signal Processing, Fourier Transforms and Machine Learning. I'll be collaborating with you as I've done research on Automatic Music Transcription using Deep Learning. 1x Game Designer with some musical experience. I could work with you to develop a methodology and assist with game design. If you don't meet some of the above requirements but are interested in working on the project anyway, do still get in touch!


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