LFM: Concept Art, UX Designer, Sound Designer

Team: Evidence of Gnomes
Looking to: Add to our team
Primary Skillset: Concept Art, UX Designer, Sound Designer
Other Skills: Unity
Comments: Hoping to develop a Max Payne gameplay inspired shooter set in the wild west using the Unity Engine. Another major inspiration would be the source game Fist Full of Frags, where the gameplay is fast paced but the weapons are purposefully awkward due to the time period (1800s). A brief note on the current art style the hope would be to make use of a low-poly-ps1-aesthetic due to the tight deadline .The ultimate goal would be to have a developed vertical slice by the end of the three months. Currently the time has two members that cover the roles (Both based in Northern Ireland): a character controller/gameplay programmer, character rigging, hard-surface props and a level/gameplay designer. The roles that would be looking for would be: 1x Character Modeller/Animator 1x Audio 1x Concept Artist