LFM: Art Generalist, Generalist Designer, Generalist Programmer

Team: DragonCog Interactive
Looking to: Add to our team
Primary Skillset: Art Generalist, Generalist Designer, Generalist Programmer
Other Skills: Community Manager
Comments: Introducing our project: Starr: A Suplex Story also shortened to S.A.S.S is a wrestling-based visual novel game that will immerse players in the thrilling world of professional wrestling. You play as one of the wrestling twins Simon or Simone Starr. The game's looks to focus storytelling that is both entertaining and emotionally engaging that explores the complex personal struggles and relationships of your character both in and out of the ring. You decide who to fight, where to fight, what moves to hit and the ultimate choice of being good or bad. Inspired by games such as Ace Attorney and Life is Strange, S.A.S.S features a rich storyline that will evolve based on your choices and actions that lead to branching paths and multiple endings. with its comic book stylized visuals and vibrant color palette, S.A.S.S is a feast for the eyes that will transport you to a world filled with quirky characters, unique environments, and thrilling action. We're looking for teammates who have good communication skills, experience with Trello, and a willingness to take and implement feedback. So if you're ready to join us in creating a wrestling game like no other, we'd love to hear from you!


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