LFM: 3D Art, Game Designer and Gameplay Programmer

Team: Cookie Box Games
Looking to: Add to our team
Primary Skillset: 3D Art, Game Designer and Gameplay Programmer
Other Skills: Unity
Comments: Hiya! We are a two-person team of two music/audio specialists. We have worked on several projects in the past, for university projects and game jams (Cookie Box Games on Itch.io). We are looking to create a fun and innovative rhythm-based fighting game, and for this we require programmers and artists primarily. We have a basic plan for the game and have started work on a prototype. Programmers with experience coding rhythm and or fighting games would be ideal, and for art we are currently looking at a 3D style but will also need someone skilled with 2D art for the UI side of things! Generalists (design/programming/art) are welcome to apply - we mainly want to see a passion for the idea and for making our project the best it can be! Our ideal teammates would be people who are enthusiastic/passionate about rhythm and fighting games & innovative music systems. Communication skills are a must.


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