Gentlemen Games

Gentlemen Games

Project Name: Saxon the Breach

Player Type: Single Player

Target Platform: Desktop/Laptops

Twitter: @GamesGentlemen

Local Hub: Canterbury Christ Church University

Our team is comprised of five people originally from Medway that formed a creative partnership whilst at Canterbury Christ Church University. Our communication is evidently strong looking at our previous projects and collaborations which led to some great feedback from developers like Mediatonic and Sparked Echo, and high marks from lecturers during our 2nd year of studying. In addition, we have shown great creativity throughout our time at university that we have all maintained until now. We also all know how to communicate our ideas effectively and have the willpower to scrap ideas when necessary to avoid wasting development time.

About the project

Saxon the Breach is a 2D top-down action game for PC inspired by Hotline Miami (2012) and The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (2015) about killing medieval soldiers in the most creatively brutal ways possible. You play as a villager whose mother was sacrificed by soldiers under the impression that she was a witch. In their rage, your character embraces this forbidden sorcery to enact sweet revenge on this army. This allows you to dash through obstacles, cast items into your hands from a great distance, and much more.

Tranzfuser was initially proposed to us by our university tutor and immediately seemed like a great opportunity to establish an independent studio without the financial insecurity of starting a business on our own. Thanks to this funding, we can establish a workflow and pool of equipment to aid in the development of future projects beyond the Autumn deadline. Also, it poses a great opportunity to meet other enthusiastic developers and testing our technical skills against theirs will serve as great motivation towards our projects end goal.
Project Lead