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Jamfuser is now closed!

The winner of this year’s game jam was Monkey Hat Games with their submission, DreamHopper.

The information supplied below is for reference only. More details about this year’s entries and the winning game will be shared soon!

Jamfuser is a 72 hour game jam that feeds directly into the Tranzfuser competition. Taking place across the UK, teams come together to design, create and submit a game based on a soon-to-be-announced theme.

Jamfuser 2019 Winner

Last year we had 12 games submitted at the end of the jam, with Team Milksop being announced as the winners with their game…

The Last Spark

Awaking in the midst of a dark and lonely junkyard, Sparky the battery rediscovers his worth and relights his spark for life.

Playing as Sparky, enlighten the stylised greyscale junkyard with colour through the power of recycled generators! Avoid energy zapping traps, make new friends with appliances and use the rechargers to navigate through 4 uniquely crafted areas, on your mission to escape the junkyard and start your brighter, regenerated life.

MilkSop Games team:
Design: Alan Horton (Technical Designer), Eli De Carteret (Level Designer)
Art: Robyn Murphy (Environment/ Prop Artist), Cat Wiltshire (Environment/ Prop artist), Laura Flinders (Environment/ Prop artist), Lee Stockton (Character/ Technical artist).

  • Norbit’s Aquatic Clean-Up
  • The Last Antique Store
  • JunkShip (Pre-Production Demo)
  • Sampahn
  • Overjunked
  • Junk Rat Exterminator
  • Scrap Chasers
  • Disposal
  • Scrappy Defence
  • Just Shoot It
  • Project Noir

Jamfuser 2020

Want to get involved? All the key information can be found here.

Important information

  • Jamfuser runs Friday 28th February – Monday 2nd March.
  • Teams are free to work remotely, although we are working with some of our Local Hubs.
  • The theme around which games may be based will be announced in March.

Looking for team members or a team to join?

Why not use the Jamfuser 2020 Crowd Forge page to find what you are looking for. Click here to fill in your details.

All teams must be registered to take part in Jamfuser

We’re using itch.io to help facilitate the game jam. All teams must use itch.io in order to take part in Jamfuser.

Please ensure you’ve read and completed the following steps:

    • Submit team details to the Tranzfuser team. Complete the Team Registration Form here.
    • Register and create your team’s itch.io page here.
    • Join / Follow the Jamfuser itch.io page here.

Ready to take part?

Sign up to the Jamfuser game jam here.

Why Jamfuser?

Now in its fifth year, Tranzfuser has established and continues to curate an engaged and proactive community. Our community told us that introducing a game jam would be a great way to expand the Tranzfuser network, to encourage new applicants and to re-engage Tranzfuser alumni as Jamfuser judges.