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Competition Information

***The 28 Tranzfuser 2020 teams are now busily working on their projects. The following information is supplied for reference only.***

Applicants Information

The majority of team members (including the team leader) must graduate* between the dates of June 2018 to September 2020.

This means:

    • You can be in your final year of study so long as you are on track to graduate by September 2020.
    • You successfully graduated after June 2018.

*Graduate – awarded an undergraduate, first academic degree or masters / other postgraduate degree.

If one of your team members does not meet the above requirements, please contact us directly to discuss and we will consider on a case-by-case basis. We will consider a max of 2 team members per team that are currently studying at undergraduate level.

  1. You are able to gather a diverse team together with the relevant qualifications and experience, i.e. have completed a science or art degree relevant to games development.
  2. We’re not necessarily looking for professional experience but applicants are expected to provide evidence of experience, for example,  programming / digital art / production / game design etc (coursework and project work are fine for this purpose).
  3. Have a residential address in the UK.
  4. Further information can be found in the FAQ section and in the Tranzfuser 2020 Factsheet (link for the download can be found below).

Application Process

  • Apply via the on-line written Tranzfuser Application form by 12pm noon Wednesday 29th April 2020
  • Produce a 2 minute pitch video
    • After the application closing date and we have received your completed written application form, we will send out an individual link for you to upload your pitch video
    • On receipt of your link you must upload your pitch video by 12pm noon Monday 4th May

Before starting your application, we strongly advise you read the guidance provided below and attend a webinar (click here for webinar sign up) to ensure you cover the necessary information.

Pitch Video

Applicants will be invited to upload a 2 minute pitch video via email invite from Dropbox.

This will be your first introduction to us, so aim to impress!  Your pitch video should be a condensed version of your written application form.  We are looking for high level, key information that covers the key criteria outlined below. Include concept artwork or early footage from any proof-of-concept work you may have already carried out – it’s a lot easier to show than explain. Pictures or diagrams may also help to more quickly explain things you haven’t built yet – be creative.

You should keep your video short (2 minutes or less) and avoid gimmicks or plain talking-head types of pitches.  A mix of text, images, diagrams and voiceovers should cover it,  there’s no need for professional editing. Highlighting the key criteria is more important than a slick video.

Please note:

  • Do not exceed the 2 minute video length limit – anything over 2 minutes will not be viewed
  • Do not send a standalone game trailer or generic business promotional video
  • Do not zip, password protect, encrypt, or otherwise make your video difficult to access

Include all the relevant information in your pitch video. Do not assume the panel will be familiar with your written application details.

Written Application

This is your opportunity to go in to detail about your idea, prototype and team explaining what you are planning to deliver and how you will go about achieving your end result.  Fill in any gaps that you were unable to cover in your pitch video, don’t leave anything out that you feel will be important.  This is text based only and all images and pictures should be included in your pitch video.

Both your pitch video and written application should include aspects from the following criteria:

***Tranzfuser is running during the present uncertainty around COVID-19. All elements of the competition that relate to meetings and events are subject to change or cancellation without notice. Local policies and restrictions may affect access to local hubs. We’ll be doing our best to maintain Tranzfuser 2020 in some form, we reserve the right to make significant changes according to circumstances.***