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Application Process

  • Apply via the on-line written Tranzfuser Application form by noon Monday 27th of February 2017
  • Produce a 2 minute pitch video
    • After the application closing date and we have received your completed written application form, we will send out an individual link for you to upload your pitch video
    • On receipt of your link you must upload your pitch video by noon Friday 3rd March 2017

Before starting your application, we strongly advise you read the guidance provided below and attend a webinar (click here for webinar sign up) to ensure you cover the necessary information.

Pitch Video

Applicants will be invited to upload a 2 minute pitch video via email invite from Dropbox.

This will be your first introduction to us, so aim to impress!  Your pitch video should be a condensed version of your written application form.  We are looking for high level, key information that covers the key criteria outlined below. Include concept artwork or early footage from any proof-of-concept work you may have already carried out – it’s a lot easier to show than explain. Pictures or diagrams may also help to more quickly explain things you haven’t built yet – be creative.

You should keep your video short (2 minutes or less) and avoid gimmicks or plain talking-head types of pitches.  A mix of text, images, diagrams and voiceovers should cover it,  there’s no need for professional editing. Highlighting the key criteria is more important than a slick video.

Please note:

  • Do not exceed the 2 minute video length limit – anything over 2 minutes will not be viewed
  • Do not send a standalone game trailer or generic business promotional video
  • Do not zip, password protect, encrypt, or otherwise make your video difficult to access

The video pitch will be viewed in isolation for the initial screening to select teams who will proceed to a shortlisted group who will be considered to participate in Tranzfuser. Therefore, you should include all the relevant information in your pitch video. Do not assume the panel will be familiar with your written application details.

Written Application

This is your opportunity to go in to detail about your idea, prototype and team explaining what you are planning to deliver and how you will go about achieving your end result.  Fill in any gaps that you were unable to cover in your pitch video, don’t leave anything out that you feel will be important.  This is text based only and all images and pictures should be included in your pitch video.

Both your pitch video and written application should include aspects from the following criteria:

This is your opportunity to tell us about you…

  • Who you are
  • Why you are the right person to draw a team together and create a prototype
  • Highlight key experiences and learning you have had to date

Tell us about your idea

  • What stage of development is it at? Is it an idea on a sheet of paper or has it been worked on for a while?
  • You’ll need to demonstrate your knowledge about the games industry and how the genre of your prototype fits into an overcrowded market.
  • Outline what makes your prototype different from others that are currently on the market.

Provide a high-level outline of your plan for the competition. What are you looking to achieve and how will you deliver it with the resources you have available?

  • Outline what you want to achieve by the end of the competition and what we should expect to see at the showcase
  • Highlight key resources you will require to achieve this.  Considering budget, time scale and people
  • Provide a high-level overview of the key milestones breaking down key project activities to be completed in the duration of competition

Do you already have a team in place or are you starting from scratch? Tell us about your team and highlight the key roles and contribution of each team member.

  • If you already have a team, outline; your core team members, skill and experience they bring to your team, if you have worked together before and how they will contribute to your team. Will they be considered as founding members or employed / hired for their skill?
  • If you are yet to select your team, outline; the key roles that need to be recruited, how you intend to select and recruit your core team in the timescale and how they will contribute to your team. Will they be considered as founding members or employed / hired for their skill?
  • If there are a couple of roles yet to be filled, outline; what these roles are, how you intend to fill them and how they will contribute to your team. Will they be considered as founding members or employed / hired for their skill?

In the written application form you will be asked  to outline your teams TAL allocation.  Please refer to the TAL registry website for guidance. We will cover this in the webinar and your team will be required to participate in our Project Proofs / Smart Contracts programme during the competition.

Having a good idea is only one part of prototype development and creating a successful game.  Generating finance to sustain development and launching your product is vital.  Tell us how you will turn your prototype idea into something that could be commercially viable and financially sustainable in the long term.

  • Outline your potential business model
  • Detail your plan for monetisation
  • Identify your target market and explain how will you attract them to play your game

How will the opportunity to participate in Tranzfuser impact:

  • you as the team leader?
  • your team / project?

Be specific and don’t just say it will be a great opportunity!  Through out your application you should be validating and explaining why we should choose you and your team over all the other applicants.